The secrets of playing under the rain

Get good protection

Because the game is now faster, players get faster and more aggressive with it. When it rains players tend to slide tackle a lot more than they do in dry pitches. There is a higher risk of getting hit or injured. Make sure to have a good pair of shin guards and your protective gear on point.

Extra pair of socks

Because socks are made of clothe they will absorb A LOT of water. It is the worst sensation in the world having to run around in a flooded pair of football boots. Not only that but you will probably get to a point well you’ll start to feel heavier and slower.

Having an extra pair of socks in your bag might be a great idea to change your first pair of socks that are completely wet, for brand new, totally dry ones.

Extra Clothe

Many times after training we go home all wet, get the car dirty, and everything. Be smart and always have this 2 things in your bag: Extra clothe (pants, underwear, t-shirt, socks) and a towel.

The best type of boot

There are two types of boots: synthetic and leather boots. Usually leather boots will swallow more water than a synthetic boot will. If you have the chance to choose, use your synthetic boots in rainy days. However, this doesn’t mean that wearing leather boots in a rainy day is a mistake.

Dry them correctly

It is important after a game to let your boots dry naturally. If you leave them wet inside your backpack, your cleats durability con also be in danger. Especially boots today that have a lot of flyknit and primeknit elements, that are actual pieces of clothe that can rot, it is necessary to let them dry at natural climate conditions (not inside a bag). Plus, they will smell horribly bad after you take them out.

After you wash them, make newspaper balls and insert them inside the shoe so it drys completely in the inside. Be careful not to expose the boot to direct sunlight for too much time as it can seriously affect the boot construction overall.


Playing football in the rain is something completely different from playing in normal dry playing conditions. By using this tips, you can get accustomed to it faster and feel more comfortable when playing in this climate.

However, there is nothing in this list that can better your performance drastically. Each player’s success will be based on their own effort and ability. If your bad controlling the ball in the rain, don’t waste your money  in unproven technologies and boots with grippy uppers. Instead, practice your ball control under this conditions and you’ll see better results.

Football is played with your brain more than your feet. Don’t complain about the wet pitch, rather see it as an advantage.